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Why it matters was created with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between the abundance of available maritime jobs and the pressing need for skilled workers within the maritime industry. With hundreds of maritime positions waiting to be filled, the creation of serves as a vital conduit for connecting eager job seekers with rewarding career opportunities in the maritime sector.

The significance of extends beyond mere job placement. It addresses a critical need within Hispanic and other minority communities, where access to high-quality employment opportunities may be limited. By focusing efforts on these communities, aims to foster economic empowerment and promote diversity within the maritime workforce.

Moreover, the emphasis on recruiting young people aged 18-30 underscores the importance of cultivating the next generation of maritime professionals. By engaging and empowering young individuals, not only fills immediate job vacancies but also ensures the sustainability and vitality of the maritime industry for years to come.

In essence, matters because it represents an essential catalyst for economic growth, diversity, and the empowerment of young people within the maritime sector. Through its innovative approach to job placement and community engagement, is not just filling positions – it's shaping futures and building stronger, more resilient communities.


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